Collaboration means not having to bang your head against a brick wall when it comes to finding out information.

As our industry moves ever faster forward, having people with initiative in charge who can see the value of collaboration for business growth is vital. Continuing in our search for smart industry leaders and innovators, in this issue we report back on a face to face we had with Kate Tinsley, Managing Director of Ibstock’s Clay Division.

From the off, Kates genuine excitement for the role, and the industry is evident. Coming straight from an internal conference and strategy meeting, she was buzzing with anticipation for the future. Especially now having an agreed and clear vision for the way forward, albeit one that she was holding back on telling us for the moment, but she did say “were building on our values of Teamwork, Trust, Courage and Care, all of which are going to make for an exciting future for us and our customers. We also didn’t quite realise the fondness in which Ibstock was held within the industry and having gone through so many changes recently we are now very keen to get back to reinforcing our core values that have made Ibstock such a trusted and professional partner in the past.”

Ibstock brick has a long history of brick making, dating back 200 years to the early 1800’s. From the sinking of the first coal shaft at Ibstock in 1825, to the launch of Ibstock’s new i-Studio in London in 2019. The i-Studio, located in London, is a place where architects and specifiers, from right across the UK can utilise this facility as a hub of innovation, inspiration and ingenuity while designing and planning upcoming projects. It provides the building community with an interactive space to facilitate the collaboration process.

What surprised us most was the considerable mix of product ranges apart from bricks. Kate was also keen to recognise the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing. She too felt that this will play an increasing role in all our futures. Working with those in the industry, as well as those who use, live and work in our products, and listening to their needs is a vital part of our strategy, and our focus on developing this further is definitely in our plans.

The other subject we delved into was sustainability and the environment. Kate explained that this was an area Ibstock were paying special attention to.

“In March of this year we’re launching our first solar farm that will power a third of our Leicester site. We’re also working very hard to reduce the use of plastics. We believe that the environmental issue is an area the industry really does need to collaborate on.”