On Thursday 22nd April 2021, we will be holding the first of our first Knowledge Day Workshops in London.  Each of these will focus on a programme of building a community of practice. The idea is to generate and share knowledge that will help those attending on an individual basis (as in CPD, Continuing Professional Development) as well as their companies.

There will be multiple sessions run by thought-leaders and experts from a range of disciplines within our industry. Their remit, as well as impart experience and lessons learned, but to encourage the exchange of information.

Our goal for these knowledge days is not just for learning, but to support networking and collaboration. We also have ambitions that these will become an integral part of those excited about the industry and want to drive innovation and efficiency, to make them a regular part of their yearly schedule.

Knowledge Days, please let us know, and we will make sure we include you on the invitation list contact: info@c3alliance.co.uk